Succinct: A tiny jQuery plugin for truncating multiple lines of text

by Mike King


Live Demo Code Repo

How does it work?

Succinct shortens your text to a specified size, and then adds an ellipsis to the end.


Specify the elements that you would like to truncate as a selector, and then set the size parameter to the amount you would like to see. For example, if you would like to truncate all elements with a specific class, ie. <p class="truncate"> to 120 characters…

            size: 120

By default, the plugin truncates text to 240 characters.


  • * Succinct is < 0.5kb minified
  • You’ll need a copy of jQuery to run this plugin
  • If you have any suggestions, comments, or creative insults for my code, add an issue or fork the repo.

The Watercooler

  1. zack

    succinct worked perfectly for me, only downfall, i added “read more” on to my truncation but cannot wrap it in a span or style to separate it’s text color. Is there a way to achieve this? I would love the ability to add a style or html span

  2. tanzaniteinfotech

    Succinct work great for me its specification and uses of elements that would i like and text color also .
    i would like ability of this


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