Designing on Principle

by Mike King


I was shown this video almost a year ago, and it has had the biggest impact on the way I think about design and development still to this day.

The first time I watched this presentation, I was in awe of the IDE that Bret Victor was working with (~ 4 minutes in); being able to see live changes of your code reflected in the browser window seemed like something from the future (this is before I discovered Google Chrome currently offers a similar workflow). But while the¬†IDE that Bret is working with is extremely impressive, the point he is making towards the end is the most inspiring part of the presentation for me. Becoming an expert craftsmen is a noble pursuit, but to define one’s life’s work by making right of an invisible social injustice (or negative user experience) changes the way people think about a product.

Design is a job, but in principle, it’s about imaging things as they should be. In the end, it all comes down to what kind of impact you want to have on the world.

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